These gorgeous wooden knitting needles are individually handmade by us in Tasmania using Tasmanian oak that is sourced from environmentally sustainable plantation timbers. The needles are made one at a time using minimal machinery and are finished with natural, organic oils giving a satin smooth feel that is delightful to the touch. Each needle is topped with a hand painted bead in a variety of ten colours, all with their trademark white polka dots. Available in a range of sizes from 3.75mm (US5) through to 12.5mm (US17) and in a selection of lengths.

Why not grab a bunch of needles and get one of these great needle storage tubes as well. The needle sets come in a wide range of size and colour combinations, all packed in a sturdy cardboard 60mm (2 1/2") diameter tube. The tubes are wrapped with a range of great vintage images.

Art Viva knitting kits feature a range of great looking childrens hats and some incredibly funky tea cosies. The kits are available in two forms - the Art Viva kits which include wool and pattern in a 3-sided card wrapper and the Noodle Knit kits which come packed in Chinese noodle boxes and as well as the wool and the pattern, include a pair of 5mm (US8) 20cm (8") needles. The patterns were all designed to be easy to knit and were created using 8ply yarn and 5mm needles.

Fancy some chunky knits? Our 12.5mm (US17) and 25mm (US50) needles are an absolute must. These needles are available in a range of sizes and topped with a hand painted ball with 10 colour options. Please see our online store for details.

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Art Viva will donate 10% of all online sales to Aussie Helpers, in support of our Rural Farming communities currently affected by drought.

Cool vintage packaging and our classic 5mm 20cm (US8 8") needles in the full range of nine gorgeous colours. Perfect for little hands as they kick off their knitting projects.

Solid cardboard tubes, 60mm diameter, 350mm length (approx. 2 1/2" dia. x 14" length) with red plastic cap ends. The tubes are wrapped with vintage images from womens magazines. Stylish storage!

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